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Teferi Seifu
Teferi Seifu

Born on June 21 1989, Addis Ababa, Ethiopia Teferi is an Actor and Producer best known for his debut feature film The Bandit Hound (2014). He majored in computer science, but left college one year shy of graduating and moved to California.

He won a partial scholarship from Michelle Danner’s Los Angeles Acting School. Within two years in Hollywood, he was able to star in his own web series, and become a producer and editor in major Hollywood films working along side such directors as the legendary Henry Jaglom and Michelle Danner.

He starred in the web series called Uncensored Hollywood (2014), where he plays an aspiring actor in a L.A. theater school facing unfair scrutiny from his teacher and film industry. His latest projects include The Bandit Hound (2014), which is a feature length independent family film about a lovable dog that steals cash to support its adoptive family. His credits include producer, assistant editor, and playing the role of the dog keeper. His other project in post-production is a short film, No Actors Allowed (2014), in which Teferi produces, directs, edits, and acts. Both films are slated to release this year. He studies acting with his mentor Michelle Danner in Los Angeles.



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